Massachusetts prides itself on its outstanding higher education, yet it saddles its students with massive amounts of debt. Rather than normalizing this as a right of passage, Hildreth Institute advocates for making higher education as affordable as it is high quality. To achieve this, Massachusetts needs new progressive revenue sources to invest in its higher education system.

This month, we are one step closer to our goal. The MA State Legislature passed the Fair Share Amendment through its first of two constitutional convention votes, by a 147–48 margin (75%)! We want to thank our legislators who delivered a huge victory for this progressive revenue solution for our Commonwealth.

It is time that Massachusetts joins states such as New York, California, and Vermont in introducing a sustainable tax rate onto our highest income residents. This new revenue is essential for our roads, bridges, and schools, to ensure better economic opportunities for all our residents. This first vote is a big step in that direction by the MA Legislature, and we will continue to show them our support and activism. It’s time we #PassFairShare!