Start a ZeroDebt Campus Chapter

Tuition rates keep rising, leaving students with no choice but to borrow more student loans and work more. This is unacceptable! Here at the Hildreth Institute, we believe that students should not have to finance their college experience with debt. We are teaming up with students, elected officials, and community leaders all over MA to bring your voices to the table and make sure our politicians are educated on the issue.
Want to combat student debt on your campus and across MA? Start a ZeroDebt Chapter at your campus!

What’s the job?

  • Become a Campus Leader for the Hildreth Institute’s campaign for #ZeroDebt
  • Set your schedule with flexible hours scheduled monthly and get paid an hourly rate of $15. (If you work over 7 hours a week you become eligible for our student loan repayment program)
  • Benefit from various skill-building training and resources that will help you establish a chapter
  • Kick-start a ZeroDebt Chapter with at least four members holding weekly meetings
  • Plan student actions and engage more students to join our #ZeroDebt movement
  • Connect with other campus organizations/clubs
  • Help us fundraise: participate in crowdfunding tactics that support our cause

What we are looking for:

  • Politically motivated and engaged leaders
  • Social media gurus
  • Event planners
  • Strong speakers and organizers
  • Fundraising experience is a plus

I am open to sharing my story with a reporter

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