As the semester grinds on, so do we! February might be the shortest month of the year, but it was certainly action packed.

We attended a protest at UMass-Boston in opposition to the increased parking fees. Increased fees for students means more loans taken out. Some students at UMB are forced to select classes only on certain days, simply to save money on parking!

Here is Anneta Argyres, President of UMB’s Professional Staff Union.

The members of the SaveUMB coalition did an amazing job putting together this protest. We are always happy to stand in solidarity with groups who are fighting to decrease the burden of student fees.

We continued to spread our message at Tufts, giving students an opportunity to pledge their support:

On the left is our amazing Campus Leader, Nina Chukwura. She and students from Tufts Student Action held a pledge collection event in their campus center, allowing students to show their support for #ZeroDebt. You can certainly expect to hear more from them soon!

Lastly, we welcomed two new members to our team! Sinead and Jeff are students at Boston College and we are incredibly excited to have them on board. These young leaders are hitting the ground running at BC.

Sinead says, “Paying off loans is not only a burden after graduating, but is something that affects a student’s experience throughout their education.”

Jeff is straightforward about his experiences with his student loans,”coming to college I took out unnecessary loans because financial literacy wasn’t a privilege I had growing up.” Check out their stories on our Instagram page.

We are quite proud of the work we have done on college campuses so far, but we’re always looking to grow. If you are looking to join this effort, click here. If you want to engage with us in other ways, here are some options:
1. If you haven’t already, sign our petition for #ZeroDebt higher education
2. Follow our pages: FacebookTwitterInstagramMedium
3. Share your story on your experience with student debt