Hello! My name is Matt Frentz and I am our Organizing Manager here with the Hildreth Institute. I am the newest member of our organization and I am very excited to have joined a team that is working towards #ZeroDebt. Here you will find updates from me and our team of student organizers about our work to educate, engage, and grow our movement on campuses across Massachusetts.

From left to right: Matt Frentz, Katsy, Iliana, and Ashley

Currently, we have five student organizers working with us. They are:

  1. Katsy R. from UMASS-Boston,
  2. Ashley S.from Boston University,
  3. Iliana N. from Suffolk University,
  4. Jordan L. from UMASS-Lowell,
  5. Ignacio F. from Boston College.

Together they will be working to grow our following by compiling stories of those affected by student debt, collecting pledges that call on their institutions to take action, and building a community of support for #ZeroDebt on their campuses. In June they helped us share the stories of over a dozen people affected by student debt, significantly grew our following on Facebook and Instagram, held meetings with students on their respective campuses, and participated in a day of signature collection with our partner Fair Shot as part of their Debt-Free College initiative.

We have also met with with students and faculty from Tufts University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, and Brandeis University. We will continue to make more connections in the coming weeks and months.

It will be our student organizers and chapters that most help us grow our effort. From holding campus meetings to rallying at the state house, these student leaders will be the face of our grassroots movement.Support them by following us on social media, sharing the stories of those affected by student debt, and coming to the events that they plan.