Here you can see Bob speaking to a small group of leaders from Suffolk. These students are not happy seeing their tuition rise every year, and they are ready to take action.

March may have included Spring Breaks for our students, but our work towards #ZeroDebt does not quit! We continued growing our movement with our current campus leaders, as well as doing outreach to new places. This month also included announced tuition hikes from Suffolk, BC, and BU.

Students at Boston College were upset about their announced increases as well. From our Campus Leaders:

“Given that a tuition increase affects BC students in such a huge way, I wish that the administration had done a better job of advertising it and facilitating conversations about the impact it will have on campus life.” Sinead Haley (C/O 2021)

“It’s an awkward moment going to class and finding out from other sources that there is an increase in tuition, yet no statement has been made directly to the community. Boston College continues to leave the student body in the dark but uses language such as “our” and “us” as if the conversation was had as a unit.” Jefferson Lawrence (C/O 2020)

Across town, Boston University announced an increase as well. The cost of attendance at BU is now over $70,000!

Unfortunately, we only expect to see more of these announcements in the coming months. We will always stand with students to push back against this, and we will be letting these administrators know that these annual hikes are simply unacceptable.  

As we approach the end of the semester, we are looking to hire for our summer team! If you are looking to join this effort, click here.

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