It’s hard to believe that we’re now halfway through our first semester working on college campuses! We have connected with hundreds of students and look forward to expanding our efforts to additional campuses across this state. This month we brought on Gabe Adams-Keane from UMass-Amherst and Nina Chukwura from Tufts University. In addition to launching the #ZeroDebt campaigns on their campuses, they both shared their experience with student debt:

Gabe: “Each year I find myself taking out more and more federal loans, and I am constantly aware of the burden I have created for my family. I have always tried to focus on school, and push other factors to the side, but as I get closer to graduating, I’m becoming increasingly worried about how I will pay back my loans.”

Nina: “Sometimes I feel as if I cannot major in what I truly love studying, and go to graduate school for it due to the fact that it will not guarantee me a job as much as other majors such as economics, computer science, or engineering. I know my fear about not finding a well paying job right after college is intrinsically tied to the fact that immediately after college I will have to start paying off my loans.”

In partnership with Tufts Student Action, of which Nina is an active member, we have been able to get off to a hot start at Tufts. First we held a day of action, collecting over 100 pledges from students on campus:

                        TSA Members posing following a successful stint of collecting pledges

We also held an informational session for students. We enjoyed pizza, discussed our feelings and fears about student debt, launched our fall campaign, and planned out future actions:

                                            There were over 30 students in attendance!

October bolstered our campaign but we know that November will be even better! We have some great opportunities in store to ensure that! Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Join us for our first ever student summit this Saturday! This is an opportunity to “Share your experience with student debt and help us lead our policy plan for 2019. You will leave with tools you need to succeed, connections with other student organizers on other campuses and more!”
  • We are planning to ramp up our digital organizing, if you are interested in helping us spread our message, click here to see our fun social media package!
  • Are you a student who would like to join our team? Maybe you aren’t, but you know someone who is? Check out the application form on our website!

The #ZeroDebt campus effort is picking up steam, we hope you’ll join us as we continue to grow!