What. A. Month.

Classes have begun and we are in full swing with our campus teams. Two leaders, Samantha Higgins from Suffolk and Sam Szemerenyi from BC, joined our team to lead the #ZeroDebt efforts on their respective campuses. Here is an introduction to each of them:

From Sammi: “I love my school, I love education and believe it is one of the most important tools we have worldwide. However, I also believe that education should be a right, not a privilege. The fact that millions of Americans cannot afford higher education and are therefore denied that right, and that millions more have to take out life-crushing loans in order to attend is sickening. It is not right to me that anyone who is not wealthy has an uphill battle to fight in order to simply survive, including myself. That is why I have joined the Hildreth Institute — to help the fight to eliminate student loans and replace them with grants and scholarships.”

From Sam: “I’m an economics major. I work with numbers and trends every day, and the college debt crisis will not have a happy ending for many. Tuition is rising at a much faster rate than inflation and financial aid grants are. The cost of a degree is constantly increasing while the value of a degree steadily declines. Economically, mentally, morally, we cannot withstand this for much longer.”

Along with collecting signatures and stories from fellow students, Sam also organized a successful kickoff meeting that was held at the Montserrat House on BC’s campus. Sam, energized by enthusiasm of his peers, explained that: “The event went really well, we had a very diverse group of students who were all willing to share their experiences. I was honestly worried that people would be very hesitant to speak about such a personal issue, but we had a fantastic conversation about our experiences with student debt and I’m very excited for how we can move forward from here” While getting the chance to learn about HI, students shared their thoughts and experiences on the student loan crisis, and these are some of the reasons they support #ZeroDebt:

It’s not just our newest leaders having success either! Here’s Jordan from UMass-Lowell registering young voters on National Voter Registration Day:

We’re glad to be represented by these folks and our team is only continuing to grow. So make sure you keep following these fantastic students as the fall rolls on, they’re working hard every day and their dedication to a #ZeroDebt future is truly an inspiration!