Our 2022 Agenda

The system of financing college through student loans has been a failed experiment. It has led to a vicious cycle of increasing college costs and growing student debt burden. 

Both colleges and students have become overly reliant on student loans. It has resulted in a complex and intertwined crisis of financially shaky colleges and a financially burdened youth unable to repay its debt. This is unsustainable.

Addressing this crisis should be a priority as it is a racial, gender, and social justice issue. Inaction disproportionately affects our most vulnerable populations, mainly students in under-served communities, students of color, and women.  

As we emerge from the pandemic and rebuild our economy, we cannot continue to saddle future generations with more student debt. Our colleges and universities must be adequately supported so that they can provide high-quality affordable degrees for an inclusive and diverse future workforce. 

At Hildreth Institute, we are committed to fixing this broken system by creating innovative policy solutions at the federal and state level to invest in higher education, and strengthen the finances of our colleges and universities while eliminating the student debt burden.

Currently, Hildreth Institute works on efforts to:

  1. Reverse the chronic underfunding of public higher education
  2. Redesign and Strengthen Financial Aid system to Reduce Student Debt Burden
  3. Advance policy solutions to address student debt crisis
  4. Address rising college costs
  5. Protect Students’ and Borrowers’ Rights

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