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Rising Barriers, Shrinking Aid



 Underfunded, Unaffordable, & Unfair


Why do we need an affordable and accessible higher education?

Naia M.

“The following year tuition was raised significantly and I couldn’t go back to that school. So I dropped out and went back home to community college with a 20k loan that only was getting bigger.”

Damian B

“I don’t believe the government should be allowing young adults whose brains are still developing to put themselves in a crazy amount of debt just because it is the “norm” in society.”

Kneeco H

“Being Afro-Latinx has had its oppressive obstacles long before I was born, but it says something when I have to work my ass off to get TO college and work my ass off to get THROUGH college…”

Tt K

“I was always promised that college would open doors for me, but sometimes it feels like the tolls are too high to even enter.”

Rafael S.

“Financial aid is an ongoing concern while attending school and stressful experience for low-income students who feel like they have to manage the costs of their future at such a young age without proper guidance.”