By Jeron Mariani

Step right up! Come one, come all to the Sky High Tuition Carnival!!From tuitions and fees that skyrocket year after year, to the nationwide admissions scandal and small private colleges shuttering their campuses, the whole higher education system is looking more and more like a circus. To highlight the need for change in the higher education system, the Hildreth Institute brought the Traveling Sky High Tuition Carnival to private college campuses throughout Boston.

Popi Kokkinogenis

A rousing success, students flocked to the main carnival in downtown Boston to be wowed by our stilt walked, Popi Kokkinogenis and unicycling-juggler, Dave Holzman as a joyful reprieve from the stress of finals season. The carnival concept was received with open minds and engaged conversations as students and alumni discussed the budget tight rope they walk of rising tuition costs, the exorbitant price of housing, student debt payments, and other living expenses.

From Downtown Boston to Boston College and Tufts University, the Sky High Tuition Carnival spread the message of skyrocketing tutions and collected petition signatures in favor of a Zero Debt future. We can not wait for this engaging, intergenerational, and exhilarating crew to get back on the road to a campus near you soon!

Jeff and James at Boston College