About Us
The Hildreth Institute is a research and policy center dedicated to restoring the promise of higher education as an engine of upward mobility for all. Education is the key to unlocking opportunity.

Hildreth Institute believes that all students should be able to obtain a high-quality, zero-debt postsecondary education.

How we do this?

We research, develop, and promote solutions for changes in public policies and institutional financial practices that will reduce costs to students and improve quality. Through partnerships with researchers and policy experts, with politically diverse organizations, with policy makers from both major political parties, and with corporate and community leaders, we will build support for transformative change in higher education financing. Working closely with our sister organization, ZeroDebtMassachusetts, we will empower students and families to come together to demand change and hold policy makers and college leaders accountable.

Team Members

Bahar Akman Imboden, PhD

Managing Director, Founding Member

Yiming Shuang

Operations Manager, Founding Member

Lawrence Chan

Program Associate

Board of Directors

Bob Hildreth

Founder and President of the Board of Director

Charles Desmond

Board member

Claudio Martinez

Board member